Recent Settlements and Verdicts Caused by Dangerous Drugs


When drug companies release medicine to the public, they have a responsibility to ensure their products are safe. If their drugs are not safe, they can cause serious, life-threatening illnesses. If drug companies do not ensure the safety of the drugs they release, they endanger the lives of the public.

Dangerous drugs have caused a wide-range of health problems. However, when these problems occur, they do not go unnoticed. Plaintiffs have initiated lawsuits against companies that have released dangerous drugs to the public. These lawsuits are an attempt to hold drug companies accountable for their actions. Hopefully, this will reduce the amount of dangerous drugs that affect the public.


Abilify is a popular drug that is under investigation. Doctors prescribe the medicine to nearly a million Americans every year. The public use Abilify to treat depression, bipolar disorder, and other mental health conditions. Abilify has a warning label that reveals possible side effects, such as suicidal thoughts. However, there is one side effect it does not mention: compulsive behavior.

Studies have linked Abilify to creating compulsive behavior in individuals who did not have that problem before. The compulsive behavior can include hypersexuality and irresponsible budgeting. Engaging in risky sexual behavior can lead to deadly infections, such as HIV. Current lawsuits against the makers of Abilify are a response to the failure to properly mention the compulsive behavior side effect on the warning label.


Lipitor is used to treat high cholesterol and potentially reduce the symptoms of high blood pressure. However, the makers of Lipitor are now facing several lawsuits. The FDA recently linked Lipitor to increased blood sugar and diabetes. As a result, the FDA ordered the makers of Lipitor warn users of the risk. The makers of Lipitor complied with the warning. But by the time the warning was released, Lipitor already affected many people.

Some users of Lipitor suffered serious injuries. These injuries are often expensive and life threatening. A lot of people have already filed personal injury claims against the makers of Lipitor because they feel the warning did not come soon enough.


Accutane was a popular drug used for the treatment of severe acne. The makers of Accutane promised to give those who used it clear, vibrant skin. The drug promised to remove and prevent acne. While Accutane did deliver on its promise, it did something unexpected, leading to injury.

Some people who used Accutane claim the drug caused them to contract Crohn’s disease. After the public filed lawsuit, the makers discontinued Accutane and pulled it from pharmacies. The plaintiffs are filing these lawsuits on the belief that the makers of Accutane should have warned users about the possibility of contracting Crohn’s disease.

Final Thoughts

The previously mentioned drugs are only three of many examples of drugs that have led to recent lawsuits for use-related injuries. While there are many drugs that are helpful and beneficial, some are harmful and deadly. It is important to protect the public and hold drug companies accountable for failing to warn and inform users of their products’ potential dangers.

One of the purposes of lawsuits is to help recover the victim’s medical expenses, but the lawsuits also send a message to the drug companies. Lawsuits let the drug companies know that the public will hold them accountable for producing and releasing harmful products.

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