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personal-injuryPersonal injury laws are designed to provide recourse in the event that you are harmed due to the negligent or deliberate act of others. As your personal injury lawyer, The Miami Law Offices of Jose M. Francisco can assist you in filing a claim for compensation regardless of whether the defendant in the criminal proceeding is found guilty. A personal injury, negligence or wrongful death is something hopefully you or a loved one never have to endure. As your personal injury counsel, our job is to know exactly how the law protects you and how you may recover damages should you be injured as a result of such an injury. Personal injury laws are designed to provide recourse in the event that an individual is harmed due to the negligent or deliberate act of others. The Law Offices of Jose M. Francisco will help you to determine your legal rights, including your right to compensation.

Types of Personal Injury Lawsuits

Auto Accidents Truck Accidents Motorcycle Accidents
Bicycle Accidents ATV Accidents Jet-Ski Accidents
Boating and Maritime Accidents Rollover Accidents Bus Accidents
Pedestrian Accidents Aircraft Accidents Train Accidents
Railroad Accidents Cruise Ship Accidents Asbestos Lawsuits
Animal Attack Accidents Electrocution Accidents Sexual Assault Claims
Roller Coaster Accidents Swimming Pool Accidents Industrial Accidents
Construction Accidents Premise Liability Slip and Fall
Defamation Product Liability Defective Drugs
Defective Product Medical Malpractice Assault & Battery
Theme Park Accidents Moped Accidents RV Accidents

Wrongful Death

A wrongful death lawsuit is brought on behalf of an individual who died as a result of negligence or misconduct. A wrongful death claim can seek compensation for medical expenses, funeral expenses, loss of income, and it puts an intangible value of the decedent’s contribution to their family and their loss of companionship. The facts in every case are different and you should contact our personal injury lawyers for a free case evaluation.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Auto accident victims and their families are all too familiar with the pain and sorrow that accompanies an injury or death. Carelessness or negligence is often the cause of auto accidents—and that is certainly true in the Miami area. If you’ve been in a collision in Miami and need an accident lawyer, call us.

Industrial Accidents

Industrial accidents may be caused by the negligence or misconduct of a forklift driver, a subcontractor, or an equipment manufacturer, while others may be caused by equipment failure. Very serious health problems can result due to exposure to chemicals, for example, and the use of heavy equipment always increases the danger of personal injury or death. To learn more about your right to compensation in the case of an industrial accident, speak with your personal injury lawyer at The Law Offices of Jose M. Francisco.

Defective Products

You will require the services of a defective product liability attorney when a company fails to use reasonable care in the design, manufacture, testing, labeling, and warning of a product or products and you or a family member are harmed because of it. Proving that the plaintiff was harmed and that the product is defective is often sufficient to win your case.

Brain Injury (TBI)

Serious head trauma and brain injuries are not uncommon in auto accidents and the costs of such trauma add up quickly. Even a minor injury to the brain in the form of a concussion can lead to long-term complications. While obvious physical injuries may heal, car or truck accident victims who have suffered a brain injury may find themselves unable to work and in need of life-long care. If your case involves such an injury, seek the immediate council of The Law Offices of Jose M. Francisco.

Birth Injury

A birth injury is a physical injury that takes place during the birth process. While not all forms of injury to the child can be prevented, many can and the failure of a doctor or hospital to perform certain tasks may be considered an act of negligence in court. If you feel you may have a case, contact The Law Offices of Jose M. Francisco to retain a personal injury lawyer in Miami.

Neck Injuries

A neck sprain (otherwise known as whiplash) is often the result of a rear-end collision in an automobile accident. While the victim may not be immediately aware of the injury suffered, the long-term result may be a structural change in the injured muscle within the neck which leaves the victim with a chronic condition that will be problematic for the rest of the victim’s life.

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Cases involving medical negligence will be referred to a law firm with a practice that is concentrated on medical negligence.