Two Miami Officers Involved in Accident while Participating in Barack Obama’s Motorcade

Car Accident in Miami

Miami Accident AttorneyMiami police motorcycle officers injured helping direct traffic … Even protecting the world’s most important man carries its risks.  On June 13th, two Miami police officers were involved in a car accident. According to the Miami Herald of June 13, “The Miami Police Department said Sgt. Rufus Devane III, 42, and Sgt. Santiago Cruz, 49, were traveling on Interstate 95 when they were involved in a crash while approaching an onramp. A preliminary investigation indicated an abandoned vehicle on the shoulder of the road may have contributed to the crash, though the investigation is not complete, police said.” Regardless of who you are or where you work, if you’ve been involved in a car accident in Miami,   you will need an experienced Miami accident attorney to protect and defend your rights.

A Miami Accident Attorney Can Help

The Law Offices of Miami accident lawyer, Jose M. Francisco, have over 20 years experience defending victims of car accidents in Miami.  In the case of these two Miami police officers, it is necessary to not only review the accident report carefully, but to also review workman’s compensation issues related to the same.
Contact the Law Offices of Miami accident Lawyer, Jose M. Francisco, for your free consultation regarding car accidents in Miami.

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