Florida Medical Malpractice – Steps to Finding a Lawyer

There are very few types of legal cases that can become as complex as a medical malpractice lawsuit. In addition to ongoing injuries or even the death of a loved one, many victims will be dealing with a battery of lawyers hired by the doctor or medical institution, and this is why representing oneself is never recommended in these scenarios. For those that have recently found themselves in need of a Miami medical malpractice attorney, here is a closer look at what exactly these professionals can help with and how to find the ideal candidate.

Common Malpractice Suits

Every single year countless people head to their doctor or into a hospital expecting help, but they end up walking away with more issues than they got there with. While there are no certainties within the field of medicine, patients can expect that their medical providers go to every length possible to correctly diagnose and treat a condition. Some of the most common medical malpractice suits include a failure to diagnose, misdiagnosis, surgical errors, anesthesia errors, and prescription errors. In order for it to be considered medical malpractice, however, victims must prove that at least one party was negligent in their duties.

Start Saving All Information

As soon as any treatments begin to take place, it is vital for all patients to save as much information as possible. When they do begin their search for a lawyer, having this information readily available could make all the difference between a successful case and an unsuccessful one. This should include everything from prescriptions and x-rays to bills and emails from the healthcare provider.

Starting the Search for a Lawyer

When it comes to medical malpractice suits, it is often a patient’s health and financial future that are on the line, and this is why no victims should ever settle for the first attorney that they come across. A great way to start this journey is by staying as local as possible. The lawyer does not need to be down the street, but ensuring that they are close enough to contact whenever needed will streamline the case. The second thing to consider is a lawyer that has experience as a plaintiff lawyer in medical malpractice suits. This means that the attorney is not only familiar with this area of the law, but that they have also worked closely alongside patients and their loved ones instead of simply representing doctors and other medical professionals.

Narrow Your Search

Once you have settled on a few potential attorneys, you can begin to take a closer look at their area of expertise and recent cases that they have been a part of. It is perfectly fine for patients to ask for references in similar cases because this area of the law is incredibly complex. Ideally, the lawyer and their firm would have a relatively high success rate and a good amount of medical malpractice suits in recent years. When a handful of potential candidates are left, you can then inquire about an initial consultation to ensure that it will be a good fit. For those that have a good case, most lawyers will work on a “contingency” basis and victims will pay nothing unless the case is won.


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