Were You Picked Up from Home Depot and Injured on a Construction Job in Miami or Hialeah? Even If You’re a “Cash-Paid” Laborer, You Have Rights

Construction work is tough, and sometimes accidents happen. Getting hurt is stressful enough, but if you were picked up from Home Depot or another location as a day laborer paid in cash, it’s easy to feel lost. You might think that getting paid cash means you don’t have the same rights as regular employees, but that’s not true. Florida law offers protection.

Who Can You File a Claim Against?

In any construction accident, you can pursue a claim against the GC or subcontractor that brought you to the jobsite. All construction companies are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance pays out if you’re injured on the job, no matter how they pay you. Here’s why you’re likely covered as a cash-paid day laborer.

  • Temporary Jobsite Work –  Sometimes, day laborers are legally considered temporary employees of the general contractor. That means their insurance should cover you.
  • Were You Actually an Employee? –  The law looks at a lot of factors. If it appears like you were an employee working on the construction site, you’re probably still owed workers’ comp benefits.
  • Bottom line – If you’re injured on a construction site, regardless of the work you’re doing, you can submit a claim for your injuries.

So, What Do You Get?

Florida Workers’ compensation may provide the following benefits:

  • Your Medical Bills Are Paid – Don’t stress about hospital bills or doctor’s appointments. Workers’ comp has your back.
  • Money While You’re Out –  If you’re not able to work, we may be able to get you paid for the time you have missed work.
  • Help If It’s Long-Term – If the injury makes it impossible to go back to construction work, workers’ comp might help you get new job skills or provide benefits.

What to Do ASAP if You’ve Been Injured

  • Visit a Doctor Immediately – Don’t tough it out, get your injuries checked, and start keeping track of everything.
  • Tell the Boss – Report the accident to the contractor or whoever hired you. They should be able to provide the necessary forms and documentation
  • Get It on Paper –  If you can, take pictures of how you got hurt and where it happened. If anyone saw it, get their contact info.
  • Call a Lawyer –  A Miami construction accident lawyer who knows workers’ comp law is your best bet, especially since things can get tricky with cash payments.

Contact a Miami Construction Site Accident Attorney

Getting paid in cash doesn’t erase your rights as a worker. If you got hurt at a Miami or Hialeah construction site, the law is meant to help you. Contact a Miami construction accident attorney at the Law Offices of Jose M. Francisco. Don’t worry about getting someone in trouble – get the help you need, and get back on your feet.


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