Can you sue in a work accident?

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If you have been injured at work, you should talk to a workers’ compensation attorney to understand how to protect your rights. During the initial consultation, I will clarify your doubts. In addition, I will guide you to know how to act so as not to make mistakes that could harm your case. Even if you’re not ready to file a claim yet, contact me and get the information you need. The first consultation is free!

Do You Know That…?

Every worker in the state of Florida has a right to present a workers’ compensation claim if they are in an accident while at work. Also: ´

  • If you suffered an accident at work, you have the right to sue, even if the accident happened on the first day or within the first hour of work.
  • Even if you are paid in cash, you still have the right to file a lawsuit.
  • If you are an undocumented worker, you also have the right to file a claim.
  • If the accident occurred on a construction site we can sue the general contractor, even if they are not your employer.

Why Work with a Work Accident Attorney?

A work accident lawyer offers you many benefits, including:

  • Your workers’ compensation attorney knows the process for filing a claim and negotiating with the insurance company and will be able to handle all the paperwork for you.
  • Your accident attorney has experience representing clients in court and is an expert in personal injury law.
  • Your workers’ compensation lawyer can conduct an investigation of your accident, determine if you have a case, what your case is worth, who is at fault, and help you prove that your injuries are a direct result of the accident.
  • Your lawyer can also represent you in a lawsuit and negotiate with the other party to reach a favorable settlement for you.
  • Also, your accident lawyer can protect you from the scare tactics the other party may be using

Do You Know Your Rights?

If you are an employee and were injured at work, you have the right to claim for lost wages, medical benefits, payment of medical bills, and monetary compensation.

Avoid Making Any Mistakes

It is very common for any boss to want to hide that the accident happened at work and for this reason he may ask you to lie or give you incorrect information so that you do not claim the compensation to which you might be entitled. Yet, it is very important to remember what you must do:

  • Do not lie to any hospital or medical center or to the ambulance service about how the accident occurred just because your boss asks you to.
  • Do not believe when your boss tells you not to comment or do anything because he will pay your medical bills. Always speak the truth and ask for receipts and documents for each medical visit or treatment.
  • Don’t believe your boss when he tells you that he will pay your salary while you recover.
  • Don’t believe when your boss tells you that he is going to keep your job open for you.
  • Do not say anywhere that the accident happened at your home.
  • Do not believe your boss or anyone else when they tell you that you are going to be deported because of the accident. That is not true.

Clear Up Your doubts

Don’t be intimidated if you are told that you won’t be hired anywhere else and that no one will want to hire you because you filed a claim. There are those who think that the lawsuit will stay in your record. That’s NOT true! You have the right to file a claim for your work accident.

The workers’ compensation law protects all injured employees and gives them the right to sue when they have suffered an accident at work. There is no law in the state of Florida that says you will not be able to work anywhere else anymore. Know your rights before making any decisions that may affect your life.

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